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Watch TV on your Iphone & Androind Phone .

"Imagine waiting in the traffic jam on the way home. You can easily check the program guide and set a recording for your favorite TV series, you would otherwise have missed. When you finally got home, your favorite show is waiting for you on the TV” say's "Tony Valdez, CEO at WMC and continues, “Imagine you can change parental control and other TV settings, navigate through TV portal, purchase movies, use your mobile device as a TV remote control and even play video using your device? All that and more is now possible with STB or Username interface  application."

WMC application provides you access to Smart IPTV interactive services any time - any place. It can be used as a second screen device, extending the attractive WMC services on the Android platform. Intuitive and user friendly graphical interface allows you to:

  • Manage IPTV settings
  • Use the EPG
  • Manage recording services 
  • Manage VoD services 
  • View Live TV or VoD content 
  • Use the mobile device as the TV remote control